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Ultimate Tool to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2013 File

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used application to create presentation file, which is developed and marketed by Microsoft Inc. for both Windows and Mac systems. This application allows you to create presentations related to different streams like education, business, etc. PowerPoint presentation file can be a combination of different items like text, images, sound clips, videos, web links etc. Generally the PowerPoint files are stored in .ppt, .pptx, .pps file formats

PowerPoint 2013 is the latest version of PowerPoint program, with a complete package of new features like new themes, attractive formatting tools, improved shape tools, audio playback and many more. PowerPoint 2013 saves the files in .pptx format (default file format).Though PowerPoint 2013 having many advantageous features it is not exempted from corruption issues.

The PowerPoint 2013 file may get corrupted due to many reasons like virus attack, improper termination of file, interruptions while using file. When a PowerPoint 2013 file gets corrupted it will hang, freeze, not respond and in worse case it becomes inaccessible. Are you facing such type of problems and wondering how to fix PowerPoint 2013? Then don’t worry, since Fix PPT software can efficiently repair PowerPoint 2013 file  even it is corrupted or inaccessible.

Some reasons that leads to corruption of PowerPoint 2013 files:

Virus attack: Virus attack is one of the major threats for PowerPoint 2013 files. When a PowerPoint file is infected by virus or malware, it will get corrupted and becomes inaccessible.

Improper downloading PowerPoint 2013 application: If there are any errors while downloading the PowerPoint 2013 application, it may results in faulty application. When you use this faulty app to create PowerPoint 2103 files, then it may get corrupted.

Bad sectors: When the PowerPoint 2013 files are stored in the bad sector created on hard drive then they might get corrupted or become inaccessible.

Power surge: While working on a PowerPoint 2013 file if sudden power failure took place, it may harm the PowerPoint 2013 file and makes it corrupt.

Salient features of Fix PPT software:

  • The software has a powerful inbuilt scan engine that has a great ability to scan and fix PowerPoint 2013 files with utmost ease.
  • This tool has user-friendly interface so that there is no need of previous knowledge for executing this software.
  • Apart from fixing PowerPoint 2013, it is also capable to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file , 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007and 2010 file.
  • This software doesn’t damage the original PowerPoint 2013 file in the entire repairing process, it will produce a new repaired PowerPoint 2013 file.
  • It provides free trial version to fix corrupted PowerPoint 2013 file, if you are satisfied with the results you can purchase the full version through online to save the repaired files.
  • By using this excellent utility you can fix PowerPoint 2013 files in both Windows and Mac operating system based computer.

To explore & know more about PowerPoint 2013 follow the link and know, what are the new features added in PowerPoint 2013 and how it differs from the previous PowerPoint versions.