Memory Card Recovery

Steps to Recover Data from Memory Card

Memory card is an electronic data storage device which is often used by the people for storing digital information like images, video clips, music, etc. Memory cards are sd-memory-card-250x250manufactured by different brands including Transcend, SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba and many others. Memory card is used in various devices such as digital camera, MP3 players, computers, mobile phones and video game. Sometime, you may face some data loss situations with memory cards. Data loss from memory card is now becoming a common problem for most of the users across the world. In order to restore memory card data you need a recovery program which enable you retrieve each bit of data easily. Memory Card Recovery is one of the best program which is capable to recover memory card data without any difficulty.

Look at a situation, during previewing photos on your camera with memory card you may delete some precious pictures accidentally while trying to delete some unused images. This could be one of the most horrible situations because the picture were very much significant to you. You can be worried and thinking how to restore memory card pictures. Just chill, you will be surprised to know that by making use of Memory Card Recovery application, it is simple perform image recovery from memory card. Besides accidental deletion of files, there are some more data loss scenarios which you may experience in your further usage of memory card.

Common Reasons behind data deletion or loss from memory card:

  • Unknowingly formatting the memory card or any other data storage device because of “Format errors” met when connected to the system.
  • Unexpectedly taking out the data cable of camera, cell phone or external hard disk drive from PC when the file transfer process is going on.
  • Capturing images when the digital camera is low on battery corrupts the memory card used in it causing loss of files.
  • Faulty firmware of camcorder or camera corrupts the memory cards resulting in loss of valuable pictures stored in it.
  • Sudden termination of PC because of continuous power variations leads to loss of data.

It doesn’t matter that in which way you have lost or delete your data, if you have lost data, then that data should not be overwritten by any new data. Memory Card Recovery application can retrieve all types of files like picture, audio, movies, etc. by making use of file signature search. This program is capable to restore memory card data on both Windows as well as Mac based operating system such as Win 7, Mavericks, Win XP, Leopard, Win 8, Yosemite, Win Vista, Lion, Win Sever 2003 and 2008. Moreover you can even make use of this tool to recover media files from CF card, SD card, XD Picture Cards, Memory stick, Micro SD card, other memory device.

Memory Card Recovery program has made with advanced recovery algorithm and easy to use interface to perform memory card recovery easily. With the help of this ready to use program you can take the preview of recovered files before saving them into destination. Demo version of this recovery program is also available. You can download and install it on your system. After installation run the application and follow the simple step to recover files from memory cards.