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Read This Helpful Article And Find Out More About Fixing Corrupted Video Files

Hi everyone, last week I told my friend to record some video files by using digital camera in my college annual function. There are 8 to 10 videos which he was captured and after the function he is leaving to his home. I told him to send those video files via emails. So, next day he copied videos from camera’s memory card to his system and the total size is more than 5 GB. Then, he thought it is not possible to send large size of files so he decided to compress the all the video files with the help of WinRAR application.

how to fix corrupted video files After compressing videos in a RAR file, the size of RAR file was still 2 GB. He tried to upload compressed file as the attachment in email but it was taking too much time to upload it or sometimes it’s getting an error. In the WinRAR tool, there is a feature of splitting of large size of RAR file so he utilize that feature and split the RAR file into 4 parts then attached with email and send to me. When I downloaded all the split parts of RAR file into my PC and extracted video files.

Soon after extracting files I started to play all the videos one by one, but don’t know what had happens to the video files not a single file was playing it’s showing an error message on the screen stating that “the video file is corrupted and unable to play” Now, I want to know how to fix corrupted video files because I don’t effort to lose them. Later, I asked to my friend whether he has those videos coincidentally he also deleted video files from his system and mail too.

Have you ever face this kind of problem or some other issue in your life? If yes, you might know how frustrating moment it is and it’s even easier to give up and erase those videos. But, what if the video file is very important and you don’t want to lose them. For every problem, there is a solution for it. It seems to me impossible to repair damaged video files without taking the help of repair tool.

Just you have to do some efforts or search in the blogs and forums over the internet, you will get some clues for how to fix corrupted video files easily by utilizing most reliable third party tool like Repair AVI Software and the corrupted videos might be recorded using different brands of digital cameras such as Nikon, Samsung, Canon, Olympus, etc. In this post, you come to know more about the most reliable repair tool which has the ability to fix all kinds of error that are kept your favorite video files from playing.

Scenarios for corrupting video files:

Video files may get damaged or corrupted due to various reasons which includes computers where video files are stored if gets infected by severe viruses, user tries to change to file format of the video file and it is not properly followed the conversion process, due to faulty media players, bad sectors, while playing videos if system shut downs abruptly, and many more.

Tips to prevent video file from damaging or corrupting:

  • Use latest version of anti-virus program to protect system and video files from getting infected.
  • Always take back up of important video files and also make use reliable media players to play video files.
  • Never remove the memory card abruptly from digital camera or other devices which support video files playing.