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Know How to Speed Up Windows 10 to Run Faster

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating systems, when compared to other operating systems Windows 10 is running much faster by default. It is obvious that all the users will prefer to use the fastest operating system. In this article we are discussing about the tips to increase the speed and performance of Windows 10.

Disable Startup Programs:

This tip is used from a long time and still users are using it. This tip is not only used in Windows 10 but it runs in all the previous version of Windows and can help the users to speed startup time of PC, i.e., by disabling startup progra483793-how-to-speed-up-windows-10ms. You need to know one thing; when you start the computer, many number of programs will try to start at the same time.

To disable this, on the taskbar you need to do right click and select Task Manager, then the Startup tab. There you can see many programs and you can disable the programs that you don’t want to start up.

Enable Fast Startup:

In Windows 8 a new feature was introduced called Fast Startup. It is a hybrid power mode, by which Hibernate mode and shutdown properties are combined. Behind the screens, many numbers of technical actions will be going on. The main thing happens is, once you power down your PC then it will boot up much faster.

Disable Animations:

Disable animations is one of the way by which you can make your OS more responsive. This is also main important thing that is been followed in previous versions of Windows and it is also a trick that makes the Windows UI more responsive. This trick was most popular in Windows Vista days.

To apply this trick you need to Click Start and type “advanced system settings”, you will find the results and at the top choose “View Advanced system settings” or just hit Enter. Now you go to the Performance options and turn off visual effects and animations.

Apart from the above three tips there are other two tips available one is Remove Unnecessary Crapware/Bloatware and other is Cleanly Install Apps. So find the options to enable them and make your PC performance faster.