USB Drive Recovery

How to Restore Photos from SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive?

You all may know that pen drive is a small storage equipment that is connected externally to computers. In spite of being a smaller device, it has the capability to store large amount data. The storage capacity of each USB drives can vary with respect to another. Because of its compact size and large memory storage capacity, you may keep of your data in that USB drive. SanDisk is one of the leading USB manufacturers in the market, providing pen drives with high standard and various range of storage capacity. Though, the pen drives are manufactured with lots of advancements, there are two main dangers occurring while using an USB flash drive. One is the data leaking because of its small size and another one is due to malware infection.Pen Drive Recovery

Because of these problems, there are even chances for your pen drive to get corrupt. As a result, the files stored in that pen drive will become inaccessible. If you too have encountered the same problem and trying to get back your files, make use of “Recover Flash” tool. This application can restore photos from SanDisk Cruzer USB drive. If you still have doubt about recovering data from corrupted pen drive, then go through this page because all the data related queries is here. There are several other reasons in which your flash drive may get corrupt, some of them are listed below.

Reasons for Photo Loss / Deletion:

  • Abrupt removal of USB drive may sometimes lead to corrupted of that drive. You might have connected your pen drive to your laptop to transfer some photos. Once the transfer process was finished, you may have removed that pen drive in a hurry, without using “safely remove hardware”. Because of this act, there may be some chances for photo loss from that USB drive.
  • The files deleted from your pen drive will not be moved to the Recycle Bin. Instead of that it will be deleted directly by bouncing Recycle Bin. So, whenever you delete a photo from your pen drive, your photo will be deleted permanently.
  • The default format of most of the pen drives are FAT32 file system. Sometimes, for using those flash drives in Mac computers, you may change its file system. Changing the file system of your flash drive in a regular manner may sometimes will result in corruption of that pen drive. As a result, the photos stored in that drive will be lost.

 Safety Measures to Avoid Photo Deletion/Loss from SanDisk Pen Drive:

  • Before connecting your pen drive to various computers, make sure that you have proper backup of files.
  • Properly eject the pen drive after use.
  • Always try update the anti virus of your computer.
  • Do not pull out the pen drive drive while transferring photos from the drive.

Attributes of this Software:

Recover Flash tool can retrieve data from different types of USB drives, memory card, hard disk etc.  This tool provides “Save Recovery Session” method. Using this option you can proceed your recovery process without re-scanning your files from the beginning. Professional RAW photos like CRW, CR2, NEF, photos can be retrieved  with this software. This tool can recover deleted files from all brands of flash drives such as Transcend, Kingston, Sony, HP, etc. Your recovered files can be previewed actually before saving it.