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How to Recover iTunes Library Files after Format?

Last Sunday, “while transferring some of my iTunes files from the external storage drive to Mac hard drive, due to some unexpected reasons I received an error message on the screen like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” without having particular knowledge I clicked on the format option for further process. After restarting my system I found that all my iTunes files are deleted. I want my files back at any cost but I don’t how to recover iTunes library after format. If you guys also faced the same problem then please suggest me your help.

Recover iTunes library after format

iTunes is a media player application which is used in electronic devices like computer, mobile phones, iPods, and other electronic gadgets to  play , download and store media files such as audios, videos and images. But due to some unexpected reasons like accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, use of third party applications, etc. iTunes files get deleted from the iTunes library. If you guys familiar with the above scenarios then don’t be tensed because you can easily recover iTunes library after format with the help of iTunes Recovery software. To get detailed information about how to recover iTunes library files then read on this page:

Reasons due to which storage drive gets formatted:

  • If you install more than one operating system on the same hard drive, you have to format one of the hard drive partitions. This results in the deletion or loss of iTunes files stored on that partition.
  • While upgrading the operating system older version to newer version, User comes across the situation to format the entire hard drive. Due to this they have to suffer huge data loss.
  • While transferring the iTunes files from any external storage drive to systems hard drive, if the user receives an error stated that Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? If they fail to choose right option then there may be chance of data deletion.
  • If your file system gets corrupted, then you have no chance other than formatting the drive. If a backup of these files are not there then it results in deletion or loss of data after format.
  • Salient Features of iTunes Recovery Software:

    This software is used to recover iTunes library files after format on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems. This software is used to retrieve various multimedia files such as images, audio, video, etc. from iTunes. It is used for recovering iTunes files from different storage devices like hard drive (such as SATA, IDE or SCSI, etc.), external USB drives, pen drives, etc. This tool has inbuilt powerful scanning algorithm which is capable to scan entire storage drive and recovers iTunes library files on Mac without any complex procedure. It is also used to restore iTunes files which are lost due to synchronization errors, iTunes crash, etc. and used to retrieve various types of music files like MP3, MP4, WAV, etc. By using this tool, you can restore iTunes library on Mac volumes and save them in any desired location. Here’s more information about how to clean up and organize your iTunes music library.