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How to Recover Deleted Video Files on PC/Laptop?

Videos files are available in various file formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, etc. Videos files are made to entertain people or for knowledge purpose. Sometimes, you delete unwanted videos files from your system and after which deleted videos files moved to Recycle Bin. But while clearing Recycle Bin to speed up the system performance, you may accidentally delete the most entertaining videos. As a result, you may get upset and worried about how to get back the deleted video files from Recycle Bin. In such circumstances, you can make use of Undelete Recycle Bin software which can easily recover your deleted videos files from Recycle Bin. It has inbuilt advanced algorithms which can easily recover your deleted videos files within few mouse clicks.

Common reasons due to which your videos files get deleted:

Accidental Deletion: If you want to restore important files from recycle bin, you have to choose restore option. But instead of pressing restore option you have accidentally selected delete option, which leads to data loss.

Deletion of files from removable device: If you are deleting any files from removable drive on system then it will bypass the Recycle Bin and you won’t find that file anywhere on your device.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Sometime it is necessary for you to empty the Recycle Bin to make your system performance better. While empting if you have deleted important files, then it may leads to data loss.

Other Reasons: Using shift+ Delete key, unauthorized third party tools, etc also leads to deletion of video files from Recycle Bin.

Precautionary ways to avoid data loss from Recycle Bin Folder:

  • You always have to maintain backup of essential video files on some storage device like external hard disk, FireWire, memory cards, memory sticks, pen drive, USB drive, etc to avoid data loss.
  • Beforeemptying Recycle Bin, make certain that it doesn’t contain any important
  • Check twice while deleting bigger video files using shift+ delete key.

 Features of Undelete Recycle Bin software:

  • It recovers video files of different file format such as AVI, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, MP4, etc.
  • It supports recovery of videos files from Recycle Bin on all versions of Windows such as Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 2007, Windows 2003, Windows XP, etc.
  • It restores the deleted video files from external hard drives, memory sticks, pen drive, Fire Wire, USB drives, flash drives, etc.
  • It also restores the files which bypasses the Recycle Bin folder.
  • If you want to install the Undelete Recycle Bin software, then it is mandatory that you have to be a member of local administrator or equivalent level of rights.
  • Software takes 50 MB space for installation which is very much less as compare to other recovery software.
  • This software supports Recycle Bin retrieval on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file system.
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