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How to Improve Digital Photo Quality in Photoshop?

Perhaps, most of us might be wanted to enhance the quality of some precious photographs at some points of time. Now, it is easily possible with the help of Adobe Photoshop. We can use the “sharpening tool” on Photoshop to give our photos a new professional look. For this, you can check this out or go behind following steps according to your convenience.

Step 1: At first, open your required photo using Photoshop. If needed, you can use the “crop tool” from the tool bar to remove unwanted background parts from the photo. If you are using Photoshop CS6, it will automatically places a crop box to within your image. There you can see eight crop handles where, four are around the corners of the crop box and the rest are in the middle of each sides. You are free to resize your crop box by clicking and dragging on these handles.

Step 2: After cropping, select “Image” menu to find “Adjustments” option from it. Once you found it, choose “Levels” option Adjustment menu. You can also select this menu using “Ctrl + L” shortcut. In the levels menu, you have to set “Auto Levels”. After doing so, come back to Image menu to select “Auto Contrast” option. After enabling this auto contrast, choose “Auto Color” option to finish this step.

Step 3: From the Adjustment menu itself, you can see an option called “Curves”. Here, you can set the balance of your image by dragging a diagonal line. You can clearly notify the changes happening to your image from here. Remember, preview option is available only if you enable this option from here.

Note: Ctrl+ M is the shortcut to open Curves menu on Photoshop.

Step 4: Finally, from the Image menu, select “Filter” option. Then you have to choose “Sharpen” submenu in order to select “Unsharp Mask”. 100% is the ideal Amount level. One to two pixels will be appropriate as the “Radius” whereas two to ten Threshold Levels would not be a wrong choice to get a razor-edged look to your images.     

Final Word: Before making these kinds of changes, create a copy of your working image because there are chances where you may overdo it. So, a careful analysis of the changes that you make is necessary to avoid ruin of the photo by any means.