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Get Detailed Information about How to Upgrade the Xbox One Hard Drive without any Tools

Xbox One Hard Drive Consider a scenario you have bought an Xbox One and got all the accessories whatever required like Master Chief towel, Forza-branded pencil case, etc. Now you start downloading the free games your membership earns you and all is going fine,  but sometimes you may stuck with the some problem like your machine’s 500GB HDD is fit to burst and you will be in a state to delete and re-download all your favorite games. So it creates a bit inconvenience for the gamers.

If you have ever faced such type of scenario then it is the time to upgrade your hard drive as it the primary storage device. When the downloading sizes increases it becomes an important part of being a current gen console owner with some games taking 10% space of the hard drive.  Now let us discuss how to upgrade your Xbox One’s hard drive.

Easy-peasy plug and play:

The main advantage of Xbox One over the Play Station 4 is that it recognizes external hard drives, and can easily upgrade the HDD by plugging into one of its USB 3.0 ports. There are so many options for upgrading Xbox One HDD, as any external hard drive with a USB 3.0 connection will fit.

No hard HDD choices:

If you desire for something stylish and affordable then it is better to adopt glossy black HGST Touro Mobile 1TB HDD and it costs just £44.49. If you want some extra storage space then you go for the Western Digital My Book 4TB storage HDD, the cost of this storage drive is somewhat expensive i.e. £119.27 and it is capable of storing 300 game, there are so many hard drive which are readily available in the market but before going to buy them make that they are USB 3.0 compatible or not.

How to do the setup:

  • Step-1: First make whether the machine is on or not. Now plug the hard drive into one of the USB port console.
  • Step-2: Now you can interact either with the pop up or you can go to the system settings.
  • Step-3: Click “Storage” option to see your internal and external HDDs.
  • Step-4: Now click on your new HDD and tell your Xbox One to format it otherwise it will not allow you to store the games.
  • Step-5: In this step there will be an option to save your new data. Click it and save the data and finally reboot the HDD.