File Recovery

Download File Recovery Software to Recover Files on Windows and Mac

Yesterday, I was cross checking my previous year annual reports and deleted some of the unwanted files from my computer. At that time, I have accidentally deleted some of my important files. I searched Recycle Bin to restore my deleted files. But those files skipped Recycle Bin because I had used Shift+Delete key combination. I have heard about a tool called File Recovery Download. Is it possible to recover my files using this tool?”

Most of your important data like office files, spreadsheet files, audios, precious photos and videos may be stored in your personal computer. What happens if any of your important file got deleted? If you have back up of your files, it will not be a problem. But what happens if you don’t have a back up. It is the worst thing that can happen to a user. You can perform download file recovery with a tool named as File Recovery Download to recover your deleted files. The files that are stored in your computer may get deleted or lost due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons for file loss or deletion from your computer:

  • System Errors: This type of error may occur due to missing of certain operating system files from your drive. This error may result in deletion of of your files from the computer.
  • Formatting or Re-formatting the Partition/Volume: Assume that your system has some malfunction and you are forced to format your partition, at that time your files may get deleted permanently.
  • Deletion of Partition/Volume: Say for example, you are working with Windows Disk Management Utility in your computer and with this tool you have deleted your partition unintentionally. This may result in deletion of your files.
  • Accidental deletion of File: Due to some storage issues, your system forces you to delete some of the unwanted files from your disk. You may delete your important file along with those unwanted files. This situation may result in deletion of files from your computer.
  • File Transfer Errors: Files that transferred from one storage location to another may get deleted sometimes.
  • Third Party Tool Installation: Installing some third party tools to perform disk operation, PC optimization, etc may permanently delete your files from the computer.
  • Other reasons for file loss: Closing your files without saving it properly, Improper ejection of hard drives, force shut down of system are some of the other reasons for deletion of files from your computer.

Note: Always back up your data to avoid these problems. In case, if you have met with any of the above stated situations and want to perform file recovery, use File Recovery software to recover all your deleted files from your system.

Features of this Tool:

This File Recovery software will help you to recover more than 280 types of files. Files that are deleted from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, HFS, FAT8, HFS+ partitions/volumes can be recovered effectively with the help of File Recovery Download application. Files that are deleted or lost from USB drives, different hard drives like SATA, IDE, etc can be recovered by using this recovery tool. It uses Universal Binary Application to recover files. In order to avoid rescanning of drives “Save Recovery Session” option is provided on this tool. This option helps the user to continue the resume process at any time.