Adobe Photoshop: Create a Realistic Sketch Effect

psd-fileCreating pencil drawing effect from a photograph is one of the classic Adobe Photoshop topics. It is one of those very simple and quick techniques which makes an appreciated result. Adobe Photoshop has conspicuous lots of built-in filters which produce different artistic and sketch effects, but they do not precisely create a realistic output. Here I will show you some smart ways that will transform a photograph which will be very similar to a hand drawn pencil sketch.

The effect that we will create looks like the lines and shading of a pencil drawing. Making this style of graphics for actual would take more than an hour of work for even the most experienced artist, but the power of Adobe Photoshop gives us the capability to bend it beautiful well with in a minute. Photoshop makes it much more practicable to use the sketched seem within designs that might need an artsy theme. If user do not fancy make up this effect manually, then they might be curious in my free Sketch, Artistic Paint and Ink Photo Effect Actions.

Let us begin by opening up by selecting a source photograph in Adobe Photoshop application. The effect works best with the picture which have a clean background in good focus and lighting, so working with a professional studio shot like this stock pic of Shutter stock gives the good results.

To perform such operation, people need to drag the Background layer over the New Layer icon in the Layers panel, or even they can also use the key combination like CMD+J in order to create a same of the layer. So to do this, people need to go to the picture followed by Adjustments and then Invert or also use keyboard shortcuts like CMD+I then right click and choose Convert to Smart Object option.

After that, go to the Filter menu and chose Gaussian Blur option and modify the radius to around 40 pixels. The use of the Smart Object will hold this filter as a Smart Filter so the user can fine tune the settings if essential, instead than permanently apply the effect.

After that change the blend mode of the duplicate background layer to Color Dodge, that dramatically helps the opposition and takes out the grainy details of the photo and click the Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel and select the Levels. Move in the shadows and mid-tones sliders slightly to the right to brighten the picture a bit.